“I’ve heard so many bad stories that people had with their immigration lawyers. I am really so blessed that you’re handling my case. This is the best service I’ve ever received from any company I’ve done business with in the past. Seriously!! That’s why I will recommend you to anyone that wants to walk the [same EB-5] road, that I did.

Thank you so much for that peace of mind.”



Thanks to her and her team’s diligent work, I am now a Permanent Resident and I am so happy and grateful.


The Regional Center referred me to Ms. Wilde who took over the case and filed the petition within 2 weeks of being retained. Her work product was so superior to the other lawyer’s that I was surprised.


I was shocked to see how carefully they do everything from obtaining Prevailing Wage determination to recruitment process to filing – no other lawyer ever took so meticulous care with each and every step of recruitment process, filing to audit process that Wilde & Associates does.


I was referred to Ms. Wilde and her law firm by a Regional Center as one of the best lawyers they know. I was skeptical thinking that they must have some relationship with her to give that kind of endorsement. But, she is completely independent from any Regional Center and only represent investors like me. Having worked with her and seeing how she took care of me and my family needs, timeliness of her filing and her thorough and detailed work, I don’t think the Regional Center was exaggerating – Ms. Wilde is every bit a great lawyer as they claimed. I am so happy that I chose to work with her and her team. Thank you.


Ms. Wilde is very knowledgeable about EB-5 process and she actually takes phone calls from people like me and spent over an hour giving me consultation even though I have not retained her services. She responds to all my emails within hours even late at night. I was so impressed with her patient and kind guidance that I have chosen her as my lawyer and have referred her to my friends. There is no other lawyers like her.


We were able to successfully complete the long and tiring immigration process with the help and advice of Attorneys Jinhee Wilde and Sunwook An.


I was able to get my H1B visa approved without any problem.  Thank you so much for your careful and meticulous work and efforts.


We were able to obtain our permanent residency faster than we expected with the help of your firm’s attorneys and staff.  Thank you very much.


Jinhee Wilde has extensive experience and a thorough knowledge of immigration policy and process. She and her staff are professional, and courteous.  I found Wilde & Associates’ integrity, commitment, and the passion and swiftness in performing their work very exceptional.