For a person who comes to a foreign country in hopes of a better life, the immigration application progress is the most strained phase of their journey. During that process, the person will be dogged with uncertainty of their immigration status, the extraordinary length of their application process, and bureaucratic steps and questions until ultimately, they reach the end of the process of coveted U.S. citizenship. Matters become harder still if they are kept in the dark during all of this by their representative. Often, the lawyers in charge do not find the time to educate their clients about the process or inform them of the present application status. This is where WA Law Group differs from many other immigration law firms. The firm understands the unique challenges immigrants face and offers them employment-based legal immigration services with a hands-on approach to the process.

In an interview with Manage HR, Jinhee Wilde, Founder (Ret.) of WA Law Group, tells us how the firm provides a hands-on, personable legal immigration service to its clients at every step of the way.