Kudos from William Dean in his LinkedIn post are gratefully accepted. He writes,

I’ve attended the EB-5 Investors Conference four times now. The speakers this organization assembles are truly exceptional, especially the attorneys. Some are personable and comedic; others are eloquent, almost professorial… it’s a great mix, and just such a wonderful way to learn (and network).

I want to publicly acknowledge the following lawyers for their contributions on various panels. I don’t work with any of these individuals, at least not frequently or directly, but if they’re as qualified with the law as they are at the podium then their clients are in excellent hands. Any visa-seeker following me here should consider them.

I’ve heard each of them multiple times now, and their insights are well worth the price of admission:

Rohit Turkhud
Brandon Meyer
Christian Triantaphyllis
Joey Barnett
Robert Divine
Jinhee Wilde
Angie Rupert
Bob Cornish
Matthew Galati