The EB3-Other (EW) Program

The EB3-Other (EW) program is intended to be an employment program, rather than a mere immigration benefits program. There are many U.S. employers who are having a hard time employing and retaining enough U.S. workers. Rather than hiring illegal immigrants, some of these employers will sponsor foreign workers for immigration benefits in exchange for those candidates working for them for at least one year. It is important to note that the Job Offer is a Permanent, full-time job, not a temporary or time-limited contract, and it is the same offer of financial compensation and position made to U.S. workers. The only difference is that U.S. citizens can walk-in, be hired and put to work immediately.  Foreign workers will need to commit to a minimum of a 1-year employment in order to go through this lengthy process of sponsoring.

This foreign sponsorship is designed to supplement the local U.S. hiring process, not to replace them. Thus, any U.S. employer who starts this EW sponsorship program must show that they hired all the eligible and willing workers who applied before sponsoring any foreign workers. The priority must be given to the U.S. workers who want to work over any foreign workers. Any employer who predominantly relies on foreign sponsorship for the majority of their workforce is not adhering to the laws.

We do not work with any intermediaries or brokers.

WA Law Group and Case Farms

Attorneys of WA Law Group have been the immigration counsel for Case Farms since 2006. They advise and assist Case Farms with the recruitment for the foreign labor certification process and work with several foreign immigration consulting agencies to refer their emigration clients. Qualifying clients  promise to be diligent and reliable workers for Case Farms, and help those workers and their families with the immigration process. Unlike other employers, Case Farms staff directly files any PERM LC application from their headquarters, rather than allowing any broker or agents to file those LC applications. The attorneys of WA Law Group will prepare the recruitment report, including the template LC application and Audit response after reviewing the U.S. recruitment done by Case Farms’ staff.

WA Law Group Focus on Employer Personnel Needs

WA Law Group stresses that this program is designed to help the employer supplement their recruitment and hiring of local, U.S. workers, who tend to leave only weeks after being hired, and is not designed mainly to offer immigration benefits. What sets WA Law Group apart from other brokers or immigration attorneys who work with an employer on this type of EW program is that they focus on the personnel needs of the employer rather than focusing on providing immigration benefits to the foreign workers. WA Law Group believes that most foreign workers are grateful for getting permanent resident status for their whole family and work diligently for the employer who was kind enough to sponsor them. Because the production line work for Case Farms is very difficult – processing up to 40 birds per minute following the conveyor line – WA Law Group insists that foreign agencies personally apprise the potential workers of the work difficulties and obtain the signed Agreement to Work before accepting them into the Case Farms EW program.

WA Law – Who We Are

  • WA Law is a personal results-oriented immigration law firm committed to servicing corporate and business clients.
  • WA LAW GROUP is a boutique immigration law firm focusing on investment and employment immigration.
  • We help EB-5 investors, corporations and individual clients from around the world and across the United States.  Our primary practice areas are:
    • EB-5 investment
    • Labor Certification (PERM)
    • Work Visas such as EB3, H1B, L-1, E-2, etc.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

EB3 visa is a Third Priority Worker visa that allows workers to go to the US permanently and work there.

There are three types of workers that can apply for the EB3 Visa:

  1. Skilled workers: Employees who have completed at least 2 years of training or job experience
  2. Professionals: Workers who have a higher degree of education, such as a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)
  3. Unskilled labor: Workers who  have less than 2 years of training or on-the-job experience

You can get permanent residency in the United States (U.S. Green Card), for yourself, your spouse and any dependent children. 

The EB3 visa has less strict requirements than either the EB1 or the EB2 visas

There must be a valid and permanent job offer from a US employer

There must not be qualified American workers. The employer could not find an available, qualified, or willing US worker for the job position.

The candidate must have the qualifications, job experience or education level required for the position

Without Premium Processing, the I-140 petition can take up to six months. If the employer uses premium processing, the I-140 petition is usually processed within 15 business days.

Either an employee or prospective employer can pay these fees. This includes both the filing fees and the legal fees.

The easiest way to find a potential employment sponsor would be through an internet job board, such as, using a search term like “Visa Sponsorship Green Card”

What are the Steps to Applying for an EB-3 Visa?

Labor certification

The US employer must get a labor certification from the Department of Labor to prove there are no US workers for the job. It also states the employer will pay the worker the same wage as a similarly qualified US worker

I-140 Petition (USCIS Filing)

The I-140 Petition will be filed with the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).  The employer should also include financial information that proves they are financially stable and able to pay employee wages.

Form DS-261

 Filing an online form that will serve as your visa application.


 Undergoing a medical examination by a licensed physician, which may include vaccination history.

Compile documentation required for the EB-3 Visa

  • A valid passport
  • An offer from a US employer
  • The approved labor certification and petition
  • Proof of medical examination
  • The printed DS-261 confirmation page
  • Two recent photographs
  • An up-to-date resume
  • Any academic diplomas or certifications
  • Any court or criminal records (if applicable)

Visa interview

After reviewing the submitted documents, the National Visa Center will schedule an interview at the nearest US Embassy. You must be at the interview site at the scheduled time. They will discuss your background and supporting documentation regarding your EB-3 visa application.


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